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University of Southampton Spin Dynamics Group is the Coordinator of QUAINT -- an EU FP7 FET Coordination Action on Optimal Control of Quantum systems. The heads of the core QUAINT Consortium laboratories are:

Prof Ugo Boscain (Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Prof Tommaso Calarco (University of Ulm, Germany)
Prof Steffen J. Glaser (University of Munich, Germany)
Prof Christiane Koch (University of Kassel, Germany)
Prof Walter Kockenberger (University of Nottingham, UK)
Prof Ronnie Kosloff (Hebrew University, Israel)
Dr Ilya Kuprov (University of Southampton, UK)
Dr Frank C. Langbein (University of Cardiff, UK)
Prof Burkhard Luy (University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
Dr Shai Machnes (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Prof Niels Chr. Nielsen (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Prof Sophie G. Schirmer (University of Swansea, UK)
Dr Thomas Schulte-Herbruggen (University of Munich, Germany)
Prof Dominique Sugny (University of Bourgogne, France)
Prof David Tannor (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Dr Zdenek Tosner (Charles University, Czech Republic)
Prof Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (University of Saarland, Germany) 

Materials from several past QUAINT conferences appear below. Two further QUAINT conferences are planned at this point (Nottingham in Jan 2015 and Swansea in Jul 2015).
QUAINT2012 Conference in Southampton:
Navin Khaneja -- Optimal control of coupled spin dynamics.
Burkhard Luy -- Limits of universal rotation pulses and ultrabroadband NMR spectroscopy.
Niels Chr Nielsen -- Recent applications of optimal control for the design of solid-state NMR and MRI experiments.
Zdenek Tosner -- NMR pulse sequence design by optimal control tools implemented in SIMPSON.
Dominique Sugny -- Geometric optimal control of spin systems with applications in nuclear magnetic resonance.
Ugo Boscain -- Controllability of the Schrödinger equation: the geometric approach.
Malcolm Levitt -- Composite pulses and quantum control.
Frank Langbein -- Bayesian Approaches for Learning Hamiltonians of Quantum Systems.
Frank Wilhelm-Mauch -- Making optimal control work for superconducting qubits.
Ilya Kuprov -- Packing large systems into small spaces: state space confinement using optimal control.
Sophie Schirmer -- Robust implementation of quantum gates.
Christiane Koch -- How to get what you want from optimal control.
Tommaso Calarco -- Optimal control of many-body quantum systems.
Alexander Pechen -- Are there traps in quantum control landscapes?
Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen -- Noise control in quantum systems theory.
Shimshon Kallush -- How quantum is quantum control?
QUAINT2013 Conference in Dijon:
C. Altafini -- Stabilization of stochastic quantum dynamics via open and closed loop control.
E. Assémat -- Hamiltonian singularities in the STIRAP process.
K. Beauchard -- Control and stabilization of the Bloch equation.
U. Boscain -- A spectral condition for the controllability of quantum systems.
N. Boulant -- Design of phase free refocusing RF pulses in magnetic resonance imaging at ultra high field and using parallel transmission.
T. Chambrion -- Energy estimates for bilinear quantum systems with low regularity.
S. Guérin -- Robust quantum control: from adiabatic to ultra-fast processes.
A. Karabanov -- Time averaging and space optimization in calculating multi-spin dynamics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
B. Luy -- Analytic coherence transfer functions.
M. Muller -- Rydberg single photon source at room temperature.
G. Muga -- Shortcuts to adiabaticity I.
D. Reich -- Optimal control of vibrational cooling with specially tailored functionals.
P. Rouchon -- Stabilization of Schrodinger cats in a cavity by reservoir engineering.
A. Ruschhaupt -- Shortcuts to adiabaticity II.
T. Schulte-Herbruggen -- Good news for controlling open systems.
F. K. Wilhelm-Mauch -- Control and characterization for human-made qubits.
QUAINT2014 Conference in Sandbjerg:
Daniel Wisniewski -- Solid Effect simulations using dynamic Monte Carlo.
Frank Wilhelm-Mauch -- Optimal control of superconducting qubits two ways.
Thomas Schulte-Herbruggen -- Reachable sets in open and closed quantum systems.
Dieter Suter -- Towards reliable quantum computing.
Dominique Sugny -- Optimal signal-to-noise ratio of a spin-1/2 particle in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Jacob Sherson -- Human quantum optimization and measurement bang-bang control.
Ravi Shankar -- Quantum simulation of a particle in 1D potentials using NMR.
Sophie Schirmer -- Hard quantum control problems and efficient characterization.
Thomas Pichler -- Optimal control in a quantum many-body system.
Shai Machnes -- Phase-space approach to simulating quantum dynamics.
Burkhard Luy -- Robust coherence transfer elements for small molecule NMR and heteronuclear decoupling.
Frank Langbein -- Control and identification of quantum spin networks.
Ilya Kuprov -- Optimal control of quadrupolar overtone NMR spectroscopy.
Navin Khaneja -- Method of repeated corrections.
Shimshon Kallush -- Formal control methods for ultra-cold molecule formation in the nanosecond regime.
Wolfgang Kallies -- Cooperative optimization of Hahn echoes.
Michael Goerz -- Efficient optimal control for robust quantum gates in Liouville space.
Steffen Glaser -- Cooperative control of spins in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and beyond.
Tommaso Calarco -- Steering many-body quantum dynamics.
Ugo Boscain -- Controlling rotating molecules.

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