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[1] Not really bug: Calculate Re[wrsk] in Compute and warning if Im[wrsk] too large

[2] PlotLabel: The specified setting for the option FontSize cannot be used.

[3] Bug - Transformation Amplitude Table (SDv.15.1b7).

[4] v 2.14.2: can't reproduce dec'ing example on p. 49 of SD2.12-part2 of the manual

[5] Mathematica 11

[6] opI[ ].A and Adjoint[A].opI[ ].A are not being evaluated in SpinDynamica 2.13.1

[7] Error using EnsembleAveraging during TransformationAmplitudeTable

[8] More of a question: Ordering of Zeeman product states

[9] Invalid syntax in SpinDynamica v2.10.1


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