SpinXML format

SpinXML is a standard spin system structure specification language. It is a plain text, human-readable format based on the industry standard XML language. SpinXML is the native spin system specification format of Spinach library and graphical user interface.

SpinXML features

  • Text-based and human-readable.
  • Based on ISO standard XML mark-up language.
  • Supports all common spin interactions.
  • Supports all common interaction tensor orientation conventions and anisotropy parameters.


SpinXML schema

Download schema file: spinxml_schema.xsd
Download class schematic: spinxml_schema.pdf



This format is a result of many discussions within the NMR / ESR community. We would like to thank the following people for their valuable insight and contributions: Gareth Charnock, Robin Harris, Paul Hodgkinson, Edmund Howard, Ilya Kuprov, Malcolm Levitt, Ivan Maximov, Niels Chr. Nielsen, Konstantin Pervushin, Stefan Stoll, Vadim Slynko, Zdenek Tosner.