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Forward time evolution with signal acquisition.




The function propagates the initial condition forward in time and returnes the dynamics of the projection of the densty matrix onto the specified detection state. This function should notmally be called from inside a context function.


    parameters.sweep       -   digitization bandwidth, the equivalent time step is 1/parameters.sweep

    parameters.npoints     -   number of time steps to take

    parameters.rho0        -   initial state

    parameters.coil        -   detection state

    parameters.decouple    -   spins to decouple during the evolution, e.g. {'15N','13C'}

    H                      -   Hamiltonian commutation superoperator

    R                      -   unthermalised relaxation superoperator 

    K                      -   chemical kinetics superoperator


    fid                    -   time dynamics of the detection state


The following NMR spectrum is returned by examples/nmr_liquids/pa_rotenone.m function. The corresponding free induction decay is simulated by specifying L+ as the initial condition and then calling acquire().

Acquire example.png


This function may be used to save time in pulse-acquire experiment simultaions by giving it the analytical result of the pulse as the initial condition.

See also

slowpass.m, hp_acquire.m, sp_acquire.m

Revision 3284, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards