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Generates axis ticks for plotting 1D spectra.




   parameters.sweep  -  either a one-element array giving the sweep width
                        in Hz, or a two-element array giving the spectral
                        extents in Hz around the offset.

   parameters.zerofill - the number of points in the NMR spectrum after 
                         zerofilling and Fourier transform

   parameters.offset   - offset of the spectrum centre point relative to
                         the magnet frequency, Hz

   parameters.axis_units - a character string with the units in which the
                           axis ticks should be returned: 'ppm', 'Gauss',
                           'mT', 'Hz', 'kHz', 'MHz','MHz-labframe', 'GHz',
                           'GHz-labframe', 'gtensor', 'points'

   parameters.spins      - the spin involved, e.g. {'1H'}


   axis                  - a row vector of axis tick values

   ax_label              - axis label for displaying on the plot


Magnetic field units use the free electron g-tensor for conversion.

See also

plot_1d.m, plot_2d.m, plot_3d.m, volplot.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov