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Diagnostic plotting function for optimal control toolbox. Plots trajectory and control pulse analysis.




This function is called internally by the optimal control module, you should not be calling it directly. All settings should be specified in the call to optimcon.m when the optimal control problem is set up.


    waveform   - waveform, as supplied to a user-end
                 function, such as grape_xy.m

    trajectory - spin system trajectory, a stack of
                 complex vectors

    fidelities - fidelities array, as returned by 
                 user-end functions, such as grape_xy


The function plots a graph similar to the one below. Ctrl trajan figure.png


See the optimal control examples in the standard example set - all of them make use of this function indirectly when they are calling Spinach optimal control functionality.

See also

grape_xy.m, grape_phase.m, optimcon.m, trajan.m, trajsimil.m

Version 2.0, authors: Ilya Kuprov, David Goodwin