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Three-pulse DEER pulse sequence. Idealized hard pulses are used, each pulse only affects its specific electron. Syntax:


where H is the Hamiltonian commutation superoperator, R is the relaxation superoperator and K is the chemical kinetics super- operator. The following parameters are required:

  parameters.rho0            initial state
  parameters.coil_prob       detection state on probe spin
  parameters.stepsize        increment time for the pump pulse
  parameters.nsteps          number of steps for the pump pulse
  parameters.ex_prob         excitation operators to be used for
  parameters.ex_pump         the probe and pump electron respec-
                             tively -- hard pulses are only app-
                             ropriate for spin-1/2 systems, for
                             higher spin systems transition se-
                             lective operators must be supplied.
  parameters.output          'brief' returns just the DEER trace,
                             'detailed' also returns excitation 
                              profiles and the EPR spectrum.

If 'detailed' is selected as the output option, the following para- meters are also required:

  parameters.ex_hard          hard pulse excitation operator
  parameters.spectrum_sweep   sweep width of the EPR spectrum, Hz
  parameters.spectrum_nsteps  number of time steps in the FID
  parameters.coil_pump        detection state on pump spin