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Hole diagnostics of the three-pulse DEER/PELDOR pulse sequence. The sequence uses soft pulses computed with the Fokker-Planck formalism. Syntax:


where H is the Hamiltonian commutation superoperator, R is the relaxation superoperator and K is the chemical kinetics super- operator. The following parameters are required:

     parameters.pulse_frq  - frequencies for the 
                             three pulses, Hz
     parameters.pulse_pwr  - power levels for the three
                             pulses, Hz
     parameters.pulse_dur  - durations for the three
                             pulses, seconds
     parameters.pulse_phi  - initial phases for the three 
                             pulses, radians
     parameters.pulse_rnk  - Fokker-Planck ranks for the
                             three pulses
     parameters.offset     - receiver offset for the time
                             domain detection, Hz
     parameters.sweep      - sweep width for time domain
                             detection, Hz
     parameters.npoints    - number of points in the free
                             induction decay 
     parameters.rho0       - initial state
     parameters.coil       - detection state