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Overrides default assumptions about interaction terms surviving rotating frame transformations.




    spin_system   - Spinach spin system information 
                    object coming out of assume.m

    spins         - a vector with two numbers, or a 
                    cell array with two strings, e.g.
                    [2 4] or {'1H','1H'}

    strength      - new strength specification, see
                    the source code of assume.m for
                    the available strength specs


    spin_system   - updated Spinach spin system in-
                    formation object that will be
                    used by hamiltonian.m to build
                    the Hamiltonian

See also

assume.m, rotframe.m, carrier.m, expmint.m, intrep.m

Version 2.3, authors: Damien Jeannerat, Ilya Kuprov