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Returns a cell array of drift Liouvillians suitable for the control.drifts variable in ensemble control optimisations.




    context     - a function handle to Spinach context
                  responsible for handling the ensemble
                  (@powder, @singlerot, etc.)

    parameters  - parameters required by the context

    assumptions - assumptions required by the context


    drifts      - a cell array of Liouvillians format-
                  ted as {{La},{Lb},...}, one per en-
                  semble member

    spc_dim     - dimension of the classical dynamics
                  subspace (e.g. rotor grid in MAS)


Examples are given in powder_prephase.m and optimcon_mas.m files in examples/optimal_control directory.

See also

optimcon.m, grape.m, fminnewton.m, ensemble.m

Version 2.4, authors: Ilya Kuprov