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Davies ENDOR sequence. Soft pulses are simulated using Fokker-Planck formalism. Syntax:



    parameters.e_frq - frequency of the electron pulse, Hz
    parameters.e_phi - phase of the electron pulse, rad
    parameters.e_pwr - power of the electron pulse, Hz
    parameters.e_dur - duration of the electron pulse, s
    parameters.e_rnk - Fokker-Planck cut-off rank for
                       the electron pulse

These parameters refer to the electron pi pulse. The duration of the electron pi/2 pulse is obtained by halving parameters.e_dur value.

    parameters.n_frq - vector of frequencies of the nuclei
                       pulse, in Hz. The answer is returned
                       as a vector of the same dimension.
    parameters.n_phi - phase of the nuclei pulse, rad
    parameters.n_pwr - power of the nuclei pulse, Hz
    parameters.n_dur - duration of the nuclei pulse, s
    parameters.n_rnk - Fokker-Planck cut-off rank for
                       the nuclei pulse

Fokker-Planck cut-off ranks should be increased until convergence is achieved in the output. The same applies to the size of the spherical grid.