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Returns the finite-difference Hessian of a 3D array using a finite difference scheme with a user-specified number of stencil points and a unit grid spacing. The dimensions of the 3D array are assumed to be ordered as [X Y Z].




    A      - a 3D array with dimensions ordered as [X Y Z]

    nstenc - number of points inthe finite difference stencil,
             periodic boundary conditions are used


    H      - a 3x3 cell array of 3D arrays ordered in the
             following way:

                    {d2A_dxdx  d2A_dxdy  d2A_dxdz
                     d2A_dydx  d2A_dydy  d2A_dydz
                     d2A_dzdx  d2A_dzdy  d2A_dzdz}

See also

fdvec.m, fdlap.m, fdkup.m, fdmat.m, fdweights.m, fftdiff.m, fourdif.m, fourlap.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov