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Z magnetization of the sample in a finite-speed magnetic field sweep experiment. The function propagates the system in the time domain through a magnetic field sweep experiment. Z magnetisation is recorded and returned to the user.




  parameters.fields  - two-element vector in Tesla,
                       ordered as [from to]

  parameters.npoints - number of points in the scan

  parameters.orientation - system orientation, three-
                           element vector containing
                           Euler angles in radians,
                           ordered as [alp bet gam]

  parameters.sweep_time - sweep time, seconds

  parameters.nstates - (optional) number of lowest energy 
                       states to use for the effective 
                       Hamiltonian in the time domain


  fields - magnetic fields in Tesla at each point in time

  z_magn - total sample magnetisation at each point in time


See triple_dy_magn.m and quartet_magn.m files in examples/giant_spin directory.


If the temperature is very low, it is likely that only a few lowest energy states would contribute to the time dynamics. If the simulation is slow, try setting parameters.nstates to some small number and increasing it until the answer stops changing.

See also

eqmag.m, fieldscan_enlev.m, rapidscan.m, slowpass.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Elizaveta Suturina