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Fourier spectral representation of the Laplacian acting on a 3D data array. Fourier spectral differentiation operators are exact on a given grid when the data array satisfies the Larmor condition on that grid.




    npoints -  a three-element vector specifying the number of
               discretization points in each dimension of the
               3D cube of data that the operator will be acting
               on, ordered as [X Y Z].

    extents -  a three-element vector specifying axis extents,
               ordered as [X Y Z].


    L - Fourier spectral Laplacian, a sparse matrix designed to act 
        on the vectorization of the 3D data array. The dimensions of
        the data array are assumed to be ordered as [X Y Z].


Periodic boundary conditions.

See also

fdmat.m, fdvec.m, hydrodynamics.m, fdhess.m, fdkup.m, fourdif.m, fftdiff.m

Version 2.1, authors: Ilya Kuprov