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Fibonacci type spherical quadrature grids, as per Appendix A.5 of (




     type - 'fibonacci', 'zcw', or 'zcwn'

     parm - point count parameter, the resulting
            grid will have 2*n+1 points ('fib'),
            fibonacci(n+2) points ('zcw'), or n
            points (zcwn).


     alps - alpha Euler angles of the grid (radians),
            zeros because these are two-angle grids

     bets - beta Euler angles of the grid (radians)

     gams - gamma Euler angles of the grid (radians)
     whts - Voronoi tessellation body angle weights

     vorn - a cell array of matrices containing the
            coordinates of the vertices of the Voro-
            noi polyhedra


Below is the figure produced by grid_fibon('zcwn',300).

Fibon gird zcwn 300.png


If no outputs are requested, a schematic is drawn.

See also

Integration grids, Appendix I: powder grids

Version 2.6, authors: Ilya Kuprov