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Spherical grid direct product.




Tiles one grid using the rotations of the other. Grids should be supplied using Euler angles in three columns [alphas betas gammas] in radians.


   angles1 - angles of the first grid, as [alpha beta gamma], rad

  weights1 - weights of the first grid

   angles2 - angles of the second grid, as [alpha beta gamma], rad

  weights1 - weights of the second grid


    angles - angles of the product grid, as [alpha beta gamma], rad

   weights - weights of the product grid


Grid files are located in kernel/grids directory.


The function is provided for research purposes, but it is generally not a good idea to obtain spherical grids by taking direct products of smaller ones. Use repulsion.m to obtain very good grids of any size.

See also

get_hull.m, grid_test.m, repulsion.m, shrewd.m

Version 1.10, authors: Ilya Kuprov