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Hamiltonian operator or superoperator and its rotational decomposition.




In Liouville space, operator_type can be set to

         'left' - produces left side product superoperator

        'right' - produces right side product superoperator

         'comm' - produces commutation superoperator (default)

        'acomm' - produces anticommutation superoperator

In Hilbert space this parameter is ignored.


    H   - rotationally invariant part of the Hamiltonian

    Q   - irreducible components of the anisotropic part,
          use orientation.m to get the full Hamiltonian
          at each specific orientation


  1. All spin interactions that go into the Hamiltonian are specified during the spin system setup - see the spin system specification section of the online manual.
  2. Descriptor and operator generation are parallelised.

See also

relaxation.m, kinetics.m, operator.m, state.m, equilibrium.m, orientation.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards, Hannah Hogben, Dmitry Savostyanov