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Hamiltonian operator / superoperator and its rotational decomposition. Descriptor and operator generation is parallelized. Syntax:


In Liouville space calculations, operator_type can be set to:

            'left' - produces left side product superoperator
           'right' - produces right side product superoperator
            'comm' - produces commutation superoperator (default)
           'acomm' - produces anticommutation superoperator

In Hilbert space calculations operator_type parameter is ignored.


                    H   - isotropic part
                    Q   - irreducible components of the anisotropic
                          part, ordered by increasing spherical rank,
                          and within ranks by decreasing projection
                          quantum number

Note: this function returns the full rotational basis that contains information about all orientations. Use orientation.m to generate the Hamiltonian at a specific orientation.

Version 1.9, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards, Hannah Hogben, Dmitry Savostyanov