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Magnitude-mode HNCOCA pulse sequence from


using the bidirectional propagation method described in


The sequence is hard-wired to work on 1H,13C,15N proteins. Syntax:


where H is the hamiltonian commutation superoperator, R is the re- relaxation superoperator and K is the chemical kinetics superope- rator. The following parameters are required:

     parameters.npoints   - a vector of three integers giving the
                            number of points in the three temporal
                            dimensions, ordered as [t1 t2 t3].
     parameters.sweep     - a vector of three real numbers giving
                            the sweep widths in the three frequen-
                            cy dimensions, ordered as [f1 f2 f3].
     parameters.tau       - the four delays required for the ope-
                            ration of the sequence (see the paper)
                            in seconds. Reasonable values are
                            [2.25e-3, 2.75e-3, 8.00e-3, 7.00e-3]

Frequency dimensions: F1 is N, F2 is CA, F3 is H.

Note: spin labels must be set to PDB atom IDs ('CA', 'HA', etc.) in sys.labels for this sequence to work properly.