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A basic hydrodynamics infrastructure provider, returns first derivative operators with respect to the three sample coordinates. Periodic boundary conditions are used.




The function returns finite difference or Fourier differentiation matrices for first derivatives, correctly normalised to account for physical sample dimensions.


  parameters.dims    - dimensions of the sample (meters),
                       one, two, or three-element row

  parameters.npts    - number of points in each dimension
                       of the sample, one, two, or three-
                       element row vector

  parameters.deriv   - {'fourier'} requests Fourier diffe-
                       rentiation matrices; {'period',n}
                       requests n-point central finite-
                       difference matrices with periodic
                       boundary conditions


  Fx, Fy, Fz         - derivative matrices, SI units


This function is used by imaging.m context in situations when spatial dynamics, such as diffusion and flow, is present in the sample.


Empty arrays are returned for inactive dimensions. The direct product order is Z(x)Y(x)X(x)Spin, this corresponds to a column-wise vectorization of a 3D array with dimensions ordered as [X Y Z].

See also

imaging.m, fdmat.m, v2fplanck.m, fourdif.m

Version 1.10, authors: Ahmed Allami, Ilya Kuprov