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Computes axiality and rhombicity of a symmetric 3x3 interaction tensor from the corresponding matrix.




    M   - a real symmetric 3x3 matrix


       iso  - isotropic part of the interaction, defined as
              (xx+yy+zz)/3 in terms of eigenvaues

        ax  - interaction axiality, defined as zz-(xx+yy)/2
              in terms of eigenvalues

        rh  - interaction rhombicity, defined as (xx-yy) in
              terms of eigenvalues


1. Eigenvalues [xx yy zz] are sorted in Mehring order, that is xx<=yy<=zz.

2. Euler angles are not returned because the transformation in question is ill-defined.

See also

axrh2mat.m, spsk2mat.m, anas2mat.m, mat2sphten.m, sphten2mat.m

Version 2.1, authors: Ilya Kuprov