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MRI image plotting with a black-and-white colour map.




    method - 'image' uses gradient information to determine field of view, 
              or 'phantom' that uses the phantom dimensions.
    mri    - a 2D real matrix that can be a MRI image or a phantom. 

    parameters.spins       - nuclei on which the sequence ran.
    parameters.pe_grad.amp - amplitude of the phase encoding gradient, T/m.
    parameters.pe_grad_dur - duration of the phase encoding gradient, s.
    parameters.ro_grad_amp - the amplitude of the readout gradient, T/m.
    parameters.ro_grad_dur - the duration of the readout gradient, s.


    This function produces a MRI image plot.

See also

plot_1d.m, plot_2d.m, plot_3d.m, plot_uf.m, volplot.m, molplot.m, slice_2d.m, int_2d.m, hfc_display.m, cst_display.m

Version 2.3, authors: Maria Grazia Concilio, Ilya Kuprov