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Estimates the minimum number of spatial grid points necessary to have a valid treatment of gradient driven experiments with explicit digitization of spatial dimensions.




The function checks the Larmor condition for the tightest possible gradient spiral.


  grad_amps     - a row vector of all gradient amplitudes
                  in the sequence, T/m

  grad_durs     - a row vector of all gradient durations 
                  in the sequence, s

  isotope       - the highest magnetogyric ratio isotope in
                  the spin system, e.g. '1H'

  max_coh_order - maximum order of coherence (either positive
                  or negative) expected during the experiment
                  being simulated

  sample_size   - spatial extent of the sample, m


  n - the minimum recommended number of discretisation points


The function returns the minimum number of points, it may in practice be necessary to have several times the number, depending on your accuracy requirements.

See also

imaging.m, fdmat.m, hydrodynamics.m

Version 2.1, authors: Ilya Kuprov