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A parser for ORCA calculation logs.




The function extracts all potentially useful information from the ORCA log.


    filename - the name of the file to be parsed, a character string


The following output fields are returned, if the corresponding information is present in the log file:

    props.std_geom         - standard geometry, natoms x 3 array, Angstrom

    props.natoms           - number of atoms, an integer

    props.hfc.full.eigvals - HFC eigenvalues, natoms x 1 cell array of 3x1 vectors, Gauss

    props.hfc.full.eigvecs - HFC eigenvectors, natoms x 1 cell array of 3x3 matrices

    props.hfc.full.matrix  - HFC tensors, natoms x 1 cell array of 3x3 matrices, Gauss

    props.g_tensor.matrix  - g-tensor, 3x3 matrix, Bohr magneton units

    props.efg              - electric field gradient tensors, a.u.^-3

    props.symbols          - atomic symbols, nspins x 1 cell array of character strings

    props.filename         - log file name, a character string


None at the moment.


  1. Chemical shielding is not the same as chemical shift.
  2. This function parses ORCA logs. Use g2spinach.m to convert that information into Spinach input structures.
  3. The parser is a bit old-school. If you are proficient with regular expressoins, we would really appreciate a hand.

See also

gparse.m, g2spinach.m

Version 1.9, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Elizaveta Suturina