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Similar in functionality to report.m, except with the option of removing some of the file location string, and does not require the spin_system argument.




Writes a log message to the console or an ACSII file.


    output          - identifier for output method. Options are 'hush' to suppress 
                      the output, or an integer file identifier.
    report_string   - a character string. A newline symbol at the end of the 
                      string is not necessary - it is added by the function.
    depth           - the amount of top level stack to ignore, default is 0.
    close_file      - is a logical true or false, to close the output file if one 
                      was previously defined (see notes below).


For the output to a file, output is a file identifier inherited from optim_tols.m (input as string of file-name to optim_tols.m), or set it to 1 (for standard output, the screen) or 2 (standard error).

See also

report.m, optim_tols.m, fminnewton.m

Version 1.9, authors: Konstantin Pervushin, Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards, David Goodwin