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Anisotropic part of the Hamiltonian for a specific spin system orientation. Syntax:



  Q             -  irreducible components of the anisotropic
                   part, ordered by increasing spherical rank,
                   and within ranks by decreasing projection
                   quantum number - as returned by the
                   hamiltonian.m function.

  euler_angles  -  a 1x3 vector or a vertical stack of 1x3 
                   vectors specifying Euler angles (radians)
                   relative to the input orientation.


    H    -    anisotropic part of the Hamiltonian commutation
              superoperator (or a cell array thereof) for the 
              specified Euler angles.

This function may be used in both Hilbert and Liouville space because the H -> [H, ] adjoint map is linear.

Version 1.9, authors: Ilya Kuprov