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Sided product superoperator in the spherical tensor basis set. Returns superoperators corresponding to right or left multiplication of a density matrix by a user-specified operator.




    opspec - Spinach operator specification described in Sections 2.1
             and 3.3 of the following paper:


    side   - 'left' or 'right' causes the function to return a product
             superoperator corresponding to a product from that side;
             'comm' or 'acomm' results in commutation and anticommuta-
             tion superoperator respectively.


         A - a three-column array of row indices (first column),
             column indices (second column) and values (third column).


  1. This is a very general function to which direct calls are not usually required - please use the much friendlier operator.m function.
  2. The superoperator is returned in XYZ sparse format, which is different from Matlab's CSC format.

See also

operator.m, state.m, unit_oper.m, mprealloc.m, hamiltonian.m, relaxation.m, kinetics.m

Version 2.4, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Hannah Hogben.