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Pulsed field gradient spin echo sequence, syntax:

The following parameters are required:
parameters.rho0           initial state 
parameters.coil           detection state
parameters.spins          nuclei on which the sequence runs  
parameters.g_amp          gradient amplitude for diffusion encoding (T/m)
parameters.g_dur          pulse width of the gradient for diffusion encoding (s)                    
parameters.g_stab_del     gradient stabilization delay (s)
parameters.dims           size of the sample (m)
parameters.npts           number of spin packets
parameters.sweep          spectral range (Hz)
parameters.npoints        number of points in the sweep
parameters.zerofill       number of points for the zero filling

parameters.diff           diffusion constant (m^2/s)
H                         Fokker-Planck Hamiltonian
R                         Fokker-Planck relaxation superoperator
K                         Fokker-Planck kinetics superoperator
G                         Fokker-Planck gradient superoperators
F                         Fokker-Planck diffusion and flow superoperator

Note: the last five parameters are built automatically by imaging.m context function when this sequence is called from that context.

Version 1.10, author: Maria Grazia Concilio