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Plotting utility for ultrafast constant-time 2D pulse sequences.




  spectrum_uf               - a real matrix containing the 2D UF NMR 

  parameters.spins          - cell array with one ot two character
                              strings specifying the working spins

  parameters.dims           - sample dimension, m

  parameters.deltat         - time step for the acquisition gradient, s

  parameters.npoints        - number of points in the acquisition

  parameters.Ga             - amplitude of the acquisition gradient, T/m

  parameters.offset         - two transmitter offsets for the 
                              conventional and uf dimension, Hz                             

  parameters.axis_units     - axis units ('ppm' or 'Hz')

  parameters.offset_uf_cov  - offset between chemical shifts of a MQ
                              along the F1 dimension of a conventional
                              and an UF spectra ('ppm' or 'Hz').


    a figure with correct axis ticks axes in the UF and conventional

See also

plot_1d.m, plot_2d.m, plot_3d.m, mri_2d_plot.m, volplot.m, molplot.m, hfc_display.m, cst_display.m, trajan.m

Version 2.3, authors: Maria Grazia Concilio