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Voxel selection diagnostics function for 1D PRESS sequences.




Returns the sample excitation profile. This sequence must be called from the imaging.m context, which would provide H,R,K,G, and F.


   parameters.ss_grad_amp - the amplitude of slice selection 
                            gradient, T/m

   parameters.rf_frq_list - a vector of RF frequencies at each
                            pulse slice, Hz

   parameters.rf_amp_list - a vector of RF amplitudes at each
                            pulse slice, rad/s

   parameters.rf_dur_list - a vector of pulse slice durations,
                            in seconds

   parameters.rf_phi      - pulse phase at time zero

   parameters.max_rank    - maximum rank in the Fokker-Planck
                            pulse operator (2 is usually enough)


    phan - the excitation profile imprinted into a 1D phantom.


See press_example_1d.m file in examples/imaging directory.

See also

press_1d.m, imaging.m, slice_select_1d.m

Version 2.1, authors: Ilya Kuprov