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Symmetry and trajectory-level state space reduction. Tries all applicable reduction methods (unless disabled during the call to create.m) and returns a cell array of projectors into a set of independently evolving reduced subspaces.




    L   -  Liouvillian matrix

    rho -  initial state (source state screening) or
           destination state (destination state screening)


  projectors - a cell array of projectors into independently
               evolving reduced subspaces. The projectors are
               to be used as follows:

                   L_reduced=P'*L*P;    (for matrices)
                   rho_reduced=P'*rho;  (for state vectors)


Further information on what this function does is available in our papers on this subject


Briefly, the function tries symmetry factorisation, followed by zero track elimination, followed by disconnected subspace identifcation by path tracing.

See also

zte.m, path_trace.m, symmetry.m, perm_group.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards, Matthew Krzystyniak