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Runs a simulation of a user-specified pulse sequence for each orientation found in the user-specified grid and returns the corresponding angles, integration weights, tessellation trian- gles and sequence results (as a cell array of whatever it is that the pulse sequence returns).

The function supports parallel processing via Matlab's Distri- buted Computing Toolbox - different system orientations are eva- luated on different labs. Syntax:


Input arguments:

   pulse_sequence  -  pulse sequence function handle. See the
                      /experiments directory for the list of
                      pulse sequences that are supplied with

   parameters      -  a structure containing sequence-specific
                      parameters. See the pulse sequence header
                      for the list of parameters each sequence
                      requires. The parameters that this inter-
                      face itself requires are:
                      parameters.spins - a cell array giving the
                      spins that the pulse sequence works on, in
                      the order of channels, e.g. {'1H','13C'}
                      parameters.offsets - a cell array giving
                      transmitter offsets on each of the spins
                      listed in parameters.spins.
                      parameters.grid - name of the spherical 
                      averaging grid file (see the grids direc-
                      tory in the kernel).
   assumptions     -  context-specific assumptions ('nmr', 'epr',
                      'labframe', etc.) - see the pulse sequence
                      header and assumptions.m file for further
                      information on this setting.

Output arguments:

           alphas  -  an array of alpha Euler angles from the 
                      spherical grid
           betas   -  an array of beta Euler angles from the 
                      spherical grid
           gammas  -  an array of gamma Euler angles from the 
                      spherical grid
          weights  -  an array of summation weights appropri-
                      ate for the corresponding points of the
                      spherical grid
        triangles  -  an array of triangle specification from
                      the tesselation information supplied in
                      the grid file
              fid  -  a cell array of whatever it is that the
                      pulse sequence function returns at each
                      point inthe spherical grid