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Shaped pulse in amplitude-frequency coordinates using Fokker-Planck formalism. Syntax:



       L0          - drift Liouvillian that continues
                     running in the background
       Lx          - X projection of the RF operator
       Ly          - Y projection of the RF operator
       rho         - initial condition
       rf_frq_list - a vector of RF frequencies at each
                     time slice, Hz
       rf_amp_list - a vector of RF amplitudes at each
                     time slice, rad/s
       rf_dur_list - a vector of time slice durations,
                     in seconds
       rf_phi      - RF phase at time zero
       max_rank    - maximum rank of the Fokker-Planck
       method      - propagation method, 'expv' for Krylov
                     propagation, 'expm' for exponential
                     propagation, 'evolution' for Spinach
                     evolution function

Warning: the pulse frequency is specified relative to the origin of the current rotating frame. If you have specified any offsets (e.g. via parameters.offset during a call to a context), make sure to modify your pulse frequency accordingly.