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Wigner D function basis set and rotation generators required by the gridfree.m context.




The function returns matrix representations of the angular momentum operators in the basis of Wigner D functions, matrix representations of Wigner D function product operators, and a descriptor of the basis itself.


    max_rank   - maximum L rank for Wigner D functions


    space_basis  -   lab space basis set descriptor, in
                     [L M N] format, giving indices of
                     each Wigner function in the basis.

    Lx,Ly,Lz  - representations of lab space rotation
                generators in the Wigner function basis,
                to be used in the building of the lab
                space diffusion operator.

    D         - a cell array of Wigner function product
                superoperators, corresponding to multi-
                plication by D[2,M,N] of the basis Wig-
                ner functions, to be used in the build-
                ing of the spin Hamiltonian operator.


This function is used by gridfree.m context to generate the spatial basis. All SLE calculations and grid-free powder NMR calculations use that context.


Automatic caching is implemented - the function would not recompute operator sets that it can find on disk.

See also

wigner.m, gridfree.m, v2fplanck.m, irr_sph_ten.m, clebsch_gordan.m, wigner_3j.m, wigner_6j.m

Version 1.10, authors: Luke Edwards, Ilya Kuprov