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DOSY peak fitting function using the original version of the Frydman model.




The function fits the Frydman model to the experimental DOSY peak and extracts the diffusion constant.


   peak_raw                  DOSY peak in the diffusion dimension

   zaxis_raw                 Z axis of the DOSY peak

   sys                       sys from the input

   parameters.Ga             acquisition gradient in T/m

   parameters.pulsenpoints   number of points in the pulse shape

   parameters.Te             duration of the pulse

   parameters.Tau            duration extra dephasing gradient

   parameters.BW             bandwidth of the pulse

   parameters.Ge             encoding gradient in T/m

   parameters.chirptype      can be 'wurst' or 'smoothed'

   parameters.td             diffusion delay

   parameters.dscale         scale for diffusion coefficient

   parameters.fovmin         minimum extremity of lineshape

   parameters.fovmax         maximum extremity of lineshape


   dcalc                     calculated diffusion coefficient


See the files in examples/nmr_spen directory.

See also

spendosy_keeler_fit.m, spendosy_keeler_fit_corr.m, spendosy_frydman_fit_corr.m, spendosy.m

Version 2.1, authors: Jean-Nicolas Dumez, Ludmilla Guduff