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The ideal Stejskal-Tanner pulse sequence using the notation from Figure 1 in with no gaps between pulse sequence events.




    parameters.spins      - working spin.
    parameters.g_amp      - gradient amplitude, T/m.
    parameters.delta_sml  - the small delta parameter, representing the gradient duration, s.
    parameters.delta_big  - the big delta parameter, representing the diffusion delay, s.
    The last five parameters (H,R,K,G,F) are built automatically by imaging.m context function 
    when this sequence is called from that context.


   inten  - the absolute value of the first point in the free induction decay; this number is 
            proportional to the integral of the real part of the correctly phased spectrum.

See also

imaging.m, step.m, evolution.m, coherence.m

Version 2.3, authors: Maria Grazia Concilio, Ilya Kuprov