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Computes trajectory similarity scores. Returns a function representing "similarity" of the two state space trajectories at different points in time. See for further information.




  trajectory_1,2 - spin system trajectories, supplied as nstates
                   x nsteps matrices.

  method         - similarity scoring method; possibilities are:

                    'RSP'  - running scalar product. Computes
                             scalar products between the cor-
                             responding vectors of the trajec-

                    'RDN'  - running difference norm. The two
                             trajectories are subtracted and 
                             difference 2-norms returned.

                    'SG-'  - prefix that turns on state grou-
                             ping. T(l,m) and T(l,-m) states
                             of each spin (standalone or in 
                             direct products with other ope-
                             rators)will be considered equva-

                    'BSG-' - prefix that turns on broad state
                             grouping. All states of a given
                             spin (standalone or in direct 
                             products with other operators)
                             will be considered equivalent.

                   The possible combinations are: 'RSP','RDN',

State grouping consists in summing the absolute squares of the coefficients to be grouped and taking the square root. The trajectories would usually come out of the evolution.m or krylov.m run from a given starting point under a given Liouvillian.


    This function writes into the current figure.


Figure 6 of was created using this function.


SG and BSG options require sphten-liouv formalism.

See also

trajan.m, basis.m, evolution.m, krylov.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Konstantin Pervushin