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Budker group style gamma-weighted pulse-acquire sequence in zero field. Uses gamma-weighted initial state (corresponding to using a pre-polarisation magnet at high temperature), gamma-weighted pulse operators and gamma-weighted detection state.




   parameters.sweep - the width of the spectral window (Hz)
   parameters.npoints  - number time steps in the simulation
   parameters.detection - 'uniaxial' to emulate common ZULF
                          hardware, 'quadrature' for proper
                          frequency sign discrimination
   parameters.flip_angle - pulse flip angle in radians for
                           protons; for other nuclei, this
                           will be scaled by the gamma ratio
   H  - Hamiltonian matrix, received from context function
   R  - relaxation superoperator, received from context function
   K  - kinetics superoperator, received from context function


   fid - free induction decay


Multiple examples are avilable in examples/nmr_zerofield directory. ZULF simulation for pyridine, matching Figure 3 from, is reproduced below.


See also

zulf_abrupt.m, acquire.m, assume.m

Version 2.5, authors: Ilya Kuprov