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Zero track elimination function. Inspects the first few steps in the system trajectory and drops the states that did not get populated to a user-specified tolerance. The default tolerance may be altered by set- ting sys.tols.zte_tol variable before calling create(). Syntax:



     L       - the Liouvillian to be used for time propagation
     rho     - the initial state to be used for time propagation
     nstates - if this parameter is specified, only nstates most
               populated states are kept, irrespective of the to-
               lerance parameter


     projector - projector matrix into the reduced space, to be used
                 as follows: L_reduced=P'*L*P, rho_reduced=P'*rho;

Further information is available in IK's JMR paper on the subject:



It is a good idea to disable ZTE in systems with nearly equivalent spins.