Prof Ilya Kuprov

Ilya Kuprov
Associate Professor of Chemical Physics
School of Chemistry, University of Southampton

+44 2380 594 140
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Ilya Kuprov is a magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging specialist with a particular focus on large-scale computer simulation of magnetic processes in chemical and biological systems; this includes quantum optimal control, and a programme of research, recently funded by Leverhulme Trust, into the relevant machine learning methods. IK is the principal developer of Spinach library, a Deputy Editor at Science Advances, an Associate Editor at JMR/JMRO, and the author of a monograph on spin.

IK’s research group ( are currently global leaders in large-scale simulations of magnetic resonance systems: they invented linear complexity scaling methods for dissipative time-domain spin dynamics. All previous simulation tools had exponential complexity scaling. The applications work in IK’s group includes photosynthetic reaction systems, lanthanide contrast agents, and artificial intelligence methods. They recently reported the first fully quantum mechanical simulation of a protein-size spin system – something that was previously believed to be fundamentally impossible due to computational complexity of the task.