Does it run on Linux?

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Does it run on Linux?

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First of all, I would like to express my respect to what you (and collaborators) have done on Spinach. I hope I can contribute to this project at some point. At the moment I am using the functionality of Spinach to simulate some of our pure shift experiments. I am moving my simulation to a multicore computer. Linux system is our first choice. I can have MATLAB 2015a on that computer. Which sort of OS system you recommend (RedHat, Debian, SUSE, CentOS)? And I will appreciate for any technical subtlety related to Spinach/Matlab for enhancing the performance, since it is a dedicated computer for computation.
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Re: Does it run on Linux?

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Windows, Linux, and MacOS are all fine. The flavour of Linux should make no difference. Make sure you have plenty of RAM if you are looking at systems with more than 30 spins.
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