Re-using previously computed propagators

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Re-using previously computed propagators

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I have been working for a while on some MAS NMR pulse sequences that include a large amount of operations done in a cycle (like RFDR, that may include many cycles of pulses and delays for each point collected). I have been wondering for a while why the running time is extremely longer than SIMPSON and realized that it is because in SIMPSON one can save such a large set of repetitive propagators as one that can be re-used throughout the sequence. Is there a simple way to implement that operation over a large set of propagators?
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Re: Re-using previously computed propagators

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Try the following:

(a) adding ‘caching’ to sys.enable – it turns on propagator caching: ... or_caching

(b) using step() instead of evolution() – that avoids matrix exponentiation (see respiration.m and mqmas.m for examples):

As you likely know already, MAS Hamiltonians are time-independent in Spinach, so only the pulse sequence events need to be applied – there is no need to slice up the rotor period.
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