Dynamic 2H lineshape fitting

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Dynamic 2H lineshape fitting

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Is it possible to simulate the effect of Markovian jump dynamics on 2H MAS spectra in Spinach? I would like to simultaneously fit a set of 2H MAS spectra, featuring jumping -CD3 groups, acquired at different temperatures to extract the static EFG tensor and jump rate constants, just as it used to be possible with Robert Vold's EXPRESS (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ar ... 0709000251) which, alas, is not available on-line anymore.
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Re: Dynamic 2H lineshape fitting

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Can that be modelled in the same way as chemical exchange? If yes, then just specify three instances of the entire spin system and set up the exchange process as described here:

http://spindynamics.org/wiki/index.php? ... parameters
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