error : while running pulse sequence

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error : while running pulse sequence

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Dear all,

I am newbie here, while I was running any pulse sequence, getting the same error. I make sure that kernal/etc/experiments/interfaces added to my path and sub-directories. I am running on MATLAB2020b/spinach_2_6_5625.

Please guide me to get rid of this error.

>> ct_hsqc
Not enough input arguments.

Error in ct_hsqc (line 43)

Thank you all

Have a great weekend.

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Re: error : while running pulse sequence

Post by kuprov »

You first need to tell Spinach (a) what your spin system is; (b) what your experiment parameters are; (c) quite a lot of other stuff. Matlab is a programming language, and calls have the format:


I would suggest starting with the ct_hsqc example file in /examples/nmr_liquids/ct_hsqc_2spins.m - it illustrates what needs to be supplied in what order.
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