Export data as file

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Export data as file

Post by andrea_simion »

After I obtained the fid, I export it as a file. I write the following command:
In that case, the time units are not given, i.e I obtained a file with just 2 columns: the first is the index of the point from the fid, i.e from 1 to 256 for parameters.npoints=256, and the second column contains the normalized intensity. I would like to have in the same file, a third column, with the corresponding "time (s)" values. How I can do that?
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Re: Export data as file

Post by kuprov »

By editing the code in the fid2ascii function :lol: If you open that function, you would see that it's actually very simple. Or just copy the code out of it into your own file and modify as necessary. As I am sure you appreciate, we cannot predict every possible format a user might need!
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