Spin polarization graph

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Spin polarization graph

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I have yet another question. How can I produce spin polarization graphs with spinach? The end result should be a graph with spin polarization/hbar on y-axis and time/s on x-axis. My spin system is attached as a picture.

Also, if there are examples that produce spin polarization graphs I would appreciate a hint of where they are in the examples directory.

Thanks again!
Spin system
Spin system
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Re: Spin polarization graph

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Call create() and basis() to set things up, then request a Hamiltonian by calling assume() and hamiltonian(), then get your initial condition from state() or equilibrium() calls, then choose a time step and calculate the propagator by calling propagator(), then apply that propagator to the initial condition and project onto some state of interest. What you call spin polarisation corresponds to the Lz operator.

A reasonable intro is here:

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