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Chirp pulse waveform with a sine bell amplitude envelope in amplitude-frequency coordinates.




The pulse is normalised to achieve an inversion across the band.


    npoints     - number of discretization points in
                  the waveform

   duration     - pulse duration, seconds

  bandwidth     - chirp sweep bandwidth around 
                  zero frequency, Hz

   smfactor     - sine power to be used for the
                  amplitude envelope


       amps     - row vector of pulse amplitudes
                  at each point, rad/s

       frqs     - row vector of pulse frequencies
                  at each point, Hz

       durs     - row vector of pulse durations
                  at each point, seconds


See shaped_pulse_5.m in examples/nmr_liquids for a common usage case.


Note that pulse amplitudes are given in rad/s, but frequencies are given in Hz. This matches the syntax requirements of shaped_pulse_af.m function.

See also

chirp_pulse_xy.m, shaped_pulse_af.m, step.m, read_wave.m

Version 1.10, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Jean-Nicolas Dumez, Ludmilla Guduff, Maria Grazia Concilio, Mohammadali Foroozandeh