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Chirp pulse waveform with a sine bell or quarter sine amplitude envelope in Cartesian coordinates.




The pulse is normalised to achieve an inversion across the band. It can be used either as conventional unidirectional chirp pulse, (wurst or smoothed) or smoothed saltire which is superposition of two counter sweeping chirps, as used in PSYCHE decoupling.


    npoints     - number of discretization points in
                  the waveform

   duration     - pulse duration, seconds

  bandwidth     - chirp sweep bandwidth around
                  zero frequency, Hz

   smfactor     - smoothing parameter, a real positive number
                  for sine bell smoothing (wurst): normally 1 - 80
                  for quarter sine smoothing (smoothed and saltire),
                  in percent: should be in the range 0 - 50

   chirptype    - 'wurst', 'smoothed', or 'saltire'


       Cx       - real part of the waveform, rad/s

       Cy       - imaginary part of the waveform, rad/s
                  (zeros for saltire pulse)


See shaped_pulse_5.m in examples/nmr_liquids for a common usage case.


Note that pulse amplitudes are given in rad/s. This matches the syntax requirements of shaped_pulse_xy.m function.

See also

chirp_pulse_af.m, shaped_pulse_xy.m, step.m, read_wave.m

Version 1.10, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Jean-Nicolas Dumez, Ludmilla Guduff, Maria Grazia Concilio, Mohammadali Foroozandeh