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Coherence order selection function - keeps only the specified orders of coherence in the state vector. This function is useful as a replacement for gradients and phase cycles because coherence order filtering can be accomplished analytically, by just picking out the required coherence orders and zeroing everything else.




    rho    -  a state vector or a horizontal stack thereof

    spec   -  a cell array containing the specification of
              which coherences to keep on which spins. For
                        {{'13C',[1 -1]},{'1H',-1}} 

              keeps the states that have coherence order 

                     ((1 OR -1 on 13C) AND (-1 on 1H))


  rho     - the state vector with the undesired orders of
            spin correlations zeroed out


    rho=coherence(spin_system,rho,{{'13C',[1 -1]},{'1H',-1}});

keeps all states that simultaneously have coherence order 1 or -1 in the 13C subspace, and coherence order -1 in the 1H subspace.


keeps all states that simultaneously have coherence order 0 on spin number 3, and coherence order -1 on spin number 5.


Because projection quantum number information is required, this function only works with sphten-liouv formalism. It supports Fokker-Planck direct products.

See also

correlation.m, decouple.m, homospoil.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Luke Edwards