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''Version 2.3, authors: [[Ilya Kuprov]], [[Bud Macaulay]], [[Luke Edwards]]''
''Version 2.4, authors: [[Ilya Kuprov]], [[Bud MacAulay]], [[Luke Edwards]]''

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Splits the spin system into several independent subsystems, each containing only one instance of a user specified isotope or isotope tuple that is deemed "dilute". All spin system data is updated accordingly. Basis set information, if found, is destroyed.




   spin_system   - spin system object obtained 
                   from create.m function

   isotope       - isotope specification string,
                   for example '13C'

   tuples        - 1 returns all subsystems with
                   a single instance of the isoto-
                   pe, 2 returns all subsystems
                   where two instances of the iso-
                   tope are present, etc.


   spin_systems  - a cell array of spin system 
                   objects, with each cell cor-
                   responding to one of the new-
                   ly formed isotopomers.


HSQC and HMQC examples in examples/nmr_liquids folder use this function for single-spin dilution. INADEQUATE examples use it for spin pair dilution.

See also

kill_spin.m, create.m, coherence.m, inadequate.m

Version 2.4, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Bud MacAulay, Luke Edwards