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INADEQUATE pulse sequence. Removes uncoupled carbons from the spectra via a double quantum filter, allowing only double quantum coherences states too be detected. At natural abundance 13C, this produces only 13C pair subspectra.




   parameters.sweep              sweep width in Hz

   parameters.npoints            number of points in the fid

   parameters.spins              active nuclei, e.g. {'13C'}

   parameters.J                  working J-coupling in Hz

   H - Hamiltonian matrix, received from context function

   R - relaxation superoperator, received from context function

   K - kinetics superoperator, received from context function


    fid  - free induction decay


An INADEQUATE spectrum simulation for cyprinol (examples/nmr_liquids/inad_cyprinol.m) appears below.

Inad cyprinol.png


Use dilute.m to generate carbon pair isotopomers.

See also

inept.m, dilute.m, dept.m, deptq.m, hsqc.m, hmqc.m, hmbc.m

Version 2.3, authors: Bud Macaulay, Ilya Kuprov